November 14, 2011

My Little Bestfriend

My husband is the mysterious, cool and silent type of guy. Well, at least that's what you will think at first because, really, he is just shy. But once you get to know him, even beyond his kenkoy side, you will discover that he is extremely conservative, old school, practical and conventional. Very square and very simple. People find this surprising because he has body piercings and tattoos.

So yes, my husband is practically the main reason why my feet are on the ground. He keeps reminding me to be realistic. Our dates are simple and normal, our conversations very conservative and limited. Our ways very practical and non-adventurous. Very vanilla. But I love him to bits.

Besides, I have my little best friend to keep me crazy.

Yes. My son and I can talk about anything under the sun for hours. We throw jokes at one another back and forth until it's a huge snowball.  We can do crazy things together, we learn new things together, we read books together, we are best buds. My son gets my humor and vice versa. Most of the time my husband will just look at us and frown. We both love reading books, we can do silly dance in public and we are up to good adventures even if they're not planned (pet peeve of hubby). We are brutally honest with each other and we really just do click.


My eleven-year-old son. He was born on the last day of the last month of the last year of the previous millennium. Year of the Earth-Rabbit. Two months too early so his lungs were not yet mature when he came out, he was only 4lbs and 10 oz. heavy, he was the tiniest baby in the whole nursery.

He didn't cry a lot. In fact he almost didn't cry at all which alarmed his neuro-pediatrician. He spoke only when he was about 3 years old, which alarmed his then first-time grandmother. Before that he only had the universal word "dadum".

I wasn't that "there for him" for the first years of his life. Not in an ideal way, I mean. I was also growing up during that time. Dealing with rocky love life, with school, with work, with in-laws, handling my social life, learning the ropes of running a house... the works. I was also clueless. I gave him milk formula and store-bought baby food. But I read books to him every night and I sang songs to him.

When he first attended school, in-laws won in choosing a school which was conveniently near our home. I was working during that time, so like any other Filipino working parent, yaya became my son's closest friend. God is good to me, He provided me the best yaya we could ever have during my son's first three years in school but, of course, there was also my worst enemy: the television.

I resigned from work and was given the opportunity to really choose a good elementary school for him. Maybe in some other blog entry I will talk more about our choice for his education. But let's just say I found two awesome schools and I had more time with my son.

Fast forward to today. My son is about to turn 12. He got circumcised last summer, he already knows what sex is but his imagination is still as active and sharp as ever. I commend his school for taking care of the child in him. That's why I am only too happy when we do pretend play.

My little best friend will not be "little" anymore after a couple more years. He is about to become a big brother and we can't wait for our new adventures together with our other "Little Best Friend".

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