February 17, 2012


There are many reasons why I haven’t posted anything here for the past months. The main reason being that I have so many things that I want to share, I can’t get my thoughts straight, I end up writing nothing. But I guess I owe my blog an update regarding my pregnancy.

When I started this blog I was around 4 months pregnant. Now I only have a month and a half to go before I have my second son. Yes, it’s another boy for my husband and I. We found out the gender on my husband’s birthday (2 days away from Christmas). We, together with our son, were wishing for a girl. I won’t lie. Our hearts sank when we found out that “it” was a “he”. My husband’s mood changed and he felt like he didn’t want to shop for the baby that day. But of course we quickly got around to our senses and embraced and loved the idea of having another son. I just realized how horrible it must have been for the royalties who couldn't give their husbands babies of the “right gender”. Some even got their heads chopped off as a consequence.  *shudder* Enough of the morbid stuff and let’s continue with the happy baby stuff!

My first trimester was really hard! I now have a deep compassion for pregnant women! Hehe! With my first pregnancy, I didn’t have any complications whatsoever. It was an easy sail, save for the premature delivery, which, in all honesty, was still a breeze. It is only now I realized that every pregnancy is different. I experienced all the pregnancy clich├ęs that there is to experience in the first trimester. I vomited, had spotting (was confined on my bed for many weeks), got tired too easily, had morning sickness, all day nausea – the works. I also had food aversions and cravings (nuts, particularly walnuts).  

On the second trimester, I had it quite easy. It was also the Christmas season so the mood was just right. There were lots of good food and happy shiny people. My baby also started to make his presence known by kicking me. All. The. Time! I even had my wisdom tooth taken out since it caused me too much pain due to heavy blood flow all over my body. The risk of infection was greater than what the local anesthesia would pose that’s why I decided to have the surgery. Either way, it was an easy and happy trimester.

At the beginning of the last trimester, I had a small scare regarding sugar levels in my body. Right after the holiday festivities I had my blood tested and it was evident I had too much fun eating. But when I had it done again after 2 weeks, I was safe. I have no gestational diabetes. Still, I can’t have too many iced Milo and Krispy Kreme. Le sigh.

At 10 Weeks, first ultrasound. Heard the heartbeat too!

At 22 Weeks, taken December 23 on my husband's birthday. Discovered the gender.

I have no idea what's going on in these pictures, 
supposedly we are to see the eyes, nose and then the lips. 
24 Weeks.

I am 7 months, 2 weeks and 2 days pregnant today. It is harder to sleep. Tummy is bigger than a basketball. It is so hard to climb stairs. I’m always tired. It is difficult to breathe. Skin is really stretching. Legs feel like they’re tree trunks. Feet are swollen. I’m always hungry. Nose is twice as large. My face has red splotches. Hair is lifeless. And did I mention my son literally beats me up?

And the worst is yet to come because they say giving birth is like having 20 bones breaking at the same time and I am prepared even without anesthesia. Everything would be worth it. After all, the best is also yet to come.