November 14, 2011

Hello Blogging World, We Meet Again

My History as a Blogger:

College days was when I started blogging. Yes, it was also here in blogspot. I found out I can rant and rant endlessly with strangers dropping by to give their two cents. It was comforting while it lasted. Of course family and friends eventually discovered my virtual sanctuary and things just became like I was walking on broken glass - which defeated the purpose of my blog.

Then Multiply came along. It offered one URL for all my photos, videos, reviews, and of course blog entries. It had widget-like thingies for your favorite links, recipes and even for selling things. I thought Multiply was the best thing to ever hit the internet because it provided great network and great interface for anything you want to share. Sharing became the main point which provided a feel-good atmosphere. Until online sellers took over and games in Facebook became too addicting, and yes, its network became undeniably more superior than any other social networks, too.

Around 2008 I got too hooked on Facebook games. I didn't bring my camera with me as much (therefore no photo blog to share on Multiply). But I still blogged on my Multiply once in a while. I then experimented with Tumblr and Twitter. Twitter is where I put my brain farts. Pretty much blurting whatever is in my head, no censorship (that's why it's a private account). My Tumblr is still suffering from identity crisis. At first I thought it was just right to put my Mom Blog, but I was wrong. It is clearly not a place for such a thing. But then I created a second Tumblr account: Silverpixie Creates where I will post anything that I will --- err, create!

I also re-activated my sleeping YouTube account and started vlogging earlier this year. But it still needs polishing. I want HD videos and I still haven't found my niche. So far what it has are low quality videos covering various topics. It clearly needs a direction. Today, I created Pixie Dust Studio channel where I will post my videos about makeup and probably anything kikay. But more on that someday.

The Mom Blog:

So here we are, at SilverpixieMom. My blog where I will post things that are mom-related according to me. It is not really a blog for my family and friends. But for people who are interested to know me as a mother and for those who want to share mommy things.

Hello, my name is Pika. Recently married to the love of my life, the father of my 11 year-old son. We are now expecting (yay! 17 weeks in!) our second child. And we are planning to add more angels if we are blessed enough. We both love children and we dream to have a happy family. 

Welcome to my blog!

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