November 23, 2011

When Wishes Come True

Today I am 18 weeks pregnant. In moon term, I am 4 1/2 months with child.

And we have waited patiently for this for almost 12 years.

When we had our first-born, we decided not to have another child for many reasons. We were inexperienced, we had no money, we were practically kids ourselves. Although it took us over a decade to finally get things together, the timing is just perfect. When 2011 began, my husband and I had one common super wish: To have a baby.

What we didn't expect was our wedding. Another, albeit old, wish of ours. We have been together for 13 years and we were officially engaged 3 years ago, but we've been holding off because I wanted a wedding with Stormtroopers and fairies. Yet after attending a solemn meditation course last March, I figured I can be happy with simple things, so I threw up my arms and said "Let's do this"!

Turned out my wedding was far from simple, but it was very special and intimate. We turned our empty lot behind our house in Tagaytay into a reception under 2 months. Built comfort rooms, did full blown landscape, added unique touches to suit our theme (Medieval). I was in and out of Divisoria, I drew all concepts, took charge of overall production design. It was fun. However, exhaustion took over me when the Big Day was nearing. I had an inkling I was pregnant because I know my body. I can handle stress pretty well, I can handle sleepless nights, I relish working under pressure. It was odd that I was throwing up my breakfast and was flat out tired all the time.

On the day before our wedding, I secretly took a pregnancy test kit with me in the bathroom just in case. Alas, it was positive. I showed it to my boys and told them not to get too excited. We decided to go to an hospital for confirmation. And confirm we did, on the very morning of our wedding day. The word 'positive' in blue-gray letters from an analog printer gave us pure joy and gave our grand day extra special meaning.

Yes. We learned we were pregnant on the very day of our wedding. I didn't care that I looked and felt extremely tired, I was bursting with Love and Happiness. Definitely one of the best days of our lives. My son cried, he was overwhelmed by the good news. In fact, the day was just too overwhelming, too many good feelings can sometimes make you shift to auto pilot. We were in a daze.

The very next day, my husband and I sat down on the garden where we had said our vows. With our drinks in hand, his was coffee mine hot chocolate, we looked around. We talked. We reflected. We cried. We were just too happy.

Our wedding. 
Above pic was when my son was tying our hands together, a Medieval wedding tradition.
Below: Showering my husband with kisses.

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  1. Oh man I loved how unique your wedding was! Your totally breaking down my many stereotypes of Filipino's haha. Yes guilty as charged O_0 As a Filipino Australian watching from afar it has been far to easy to make these stereotypes, good and bad. Thank you guys for being so unique and sharing it with us! :)